Su Guanglin

Su Guanglin (1940-) is an Imam of Min Jiaqiao Mosque in Lanzhou since the 1980s. A Hui from Huining County of Gansu Province, he has also served in the following posts: Vice President of Islamic Association of Gansu Province (appointed in 2010), President of the Islamic Association of Lanzhou city (appointed in 2009), Vice Chairman of Political Consultative Conference of Lanzhou (elected in 2007), and Representative of National People's Congress (since 2006). As a representative of National People's Congress, he submitted numerous proposals to National People's Congress in favor of Chinese Muslims and is highly regarded. Among his successful proposals have been measures to steadily increase the number of Chinese pilgrims to Mecca, to set legislation to protect Halal products, and to protect import and export of Halal to areas of High Muslim concentration, such as Gansu and Xinjiang.