Zang (Tibetans) are primarily Buddhist followers. However, there are small Muslim communities found amongst them. One of them is located in the De Qing and Xianggelila county of Yunnan province.  They are believed to be the descendents of Hui people who assimilated Tibetan culture but did not change their religion.  They are about 1300 in number. The second community is found in Kargan area of Qinghai province.  This community is considered to be Tibetan people who were converted by a Chinese Sufi saint Ma Laichi (Abul Futuh) in Qianlong time (1735-1795). They follow the Tibetan culture and habits while maintaining their Islamic identity. They are about 10,000 in number. The third group is found in Lasa city of Xizang autonomous region. It is believed that Islam reached Tibetan region as early as the 12th century and they are descendents of Kashmir migrants and some Hui people from mainland China.  Presently, their number exceeds 3000 according to the census of 2000.